A Travel Log of Iceland: Ice, Ice(land), Baby

On September 7, 2019, 10 ladies flew over the Atlantic Ocean to see what they could see. In Iceland.

Our first stop was the bridge spanning two continents: North America and Europe.

After our hour in the Blue Lagoon, we dressed and relocated to the colorful town of Reykjavik, population almost 130,000.

I wondered how 10 women would fair with only two bathrooms, but it was fine. Really.

We then took the Drangurinn Cave tour with a young, tall, and bearded man who possessed a hilarious and infectious laugh.

Back at the house, some of us ventured into the spacious hot tub with cold local beers.

Due to distance, Day 3 was a long one.

Our next destination was a favorite of the group: Jokulsarlon Glacier and Diamond Beach.

That night we dined at the gourmet — but not overly dressy — restaurant at Hotel Ranga.

The next day’s adventure required another early departure and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

On Friday, we visited the Snaefellsnes peninsula to take in several attractions: A black church, basalt columns, and a sea cliff with waterfalls.

That evening we enjoyed dinner at an adorable restaurant located on the water.

Two ladies, however, opted for a grand adventure: snorkeling above the tectonic plates where North America meets Europe.

Horseback riding was on the afternoon’s schedule in order to experience the iconic Iceland horses up close.

Later, when we were all in bed asleep, a shout rang out: “If you want to see the Northern Lights, wake up now!”

Shall I compare Iceland to Scotland?

Where to next, Captain Karen?

Howdy-hey from Almost Heaven, West Virginia! Here in my 110-year-old Sears kit-house, I drink coffee, write many words, snuggle soft mammals, repeat.

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