Make It, Official: The steps you need to begin officiating football — or any sport

“Since I would like to officiate in the NFL someday, I am wondering what steps I need to take.”

“Everyone starts out the same.”

Knowing the rules is essential in order to be an official.

A prospective official must learn to listen to — and apply — sound advice.

The process is not quick or easy. But it’s worth it.

“When you work a major night game, possibly on national television, and 100,000 people are booing you, but you are certain you made the right call, that feels amazing.”

There are downsides to officiating to consider.

What helps in adverse situations is the support of one’s crew, the camaraderie among officials.

These men pray over ailing family members. They mail sympathy cards and send donations to memorial funds. They open their homes to each other for lodging.

“If you love the game of football and want to stay involved long after you quit playing, officiating is the way to go.”

Howdy-hey from Almost Heaven, West Virginia! Here in my 110-year-old Sears kit-house, I drink coffee, write many words, snuggle soft mammals, repeat.

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