Mental Illness: When It’s a Family Affair (15 Observations and/or Best Practices)

For years, I had no idea what was wrong with my mother.

50 years later, I’ve learned a lot about life with a mentally ill family member.

#15 Keep your loved ones in the loop.

#14 Same goes for medical personnel.

#13 Have reasonable expectations.

#12 Listen up.

#11 Especially if they …

#10 Less is more.

#9 Pray.

#8 Change is hard.

#7 Learn sign language.

#6 Have mercy!

#5 Expect holidays to be rough.

#4 Don’t argue with them. Just don’t.

#3 Read the book, “Boundaries.”

#2 “Don’t take it personally.”

#1 My favorite mental illness tip of all.

And Mom lived happily ever after.

Bonus Content Regarding Mental Illness

Howdy-hey from Almost Heaven, West Virginia! Here in my 110-year-old Sears kit-house, I drink coffee, write many words, snuggle soft mammals, repeat.

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